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Coming Out Monologues

Community Event by Lisa Lunney (From GayCalgary® Magazine, March 2014, page 31)

Calgary’s Coming Out Monologues are back for a 2014 edition, marking the fifth annual edition of this event and promising to be as fabulous as ever. This year they will offer three unique evenings of performance, each with a diverse selection of spoken word, movement and musical pieces - something to appeal to everyone.

Performances will take place March 19th, 20th and 21st at the gorgeous John Dutton theatre in downtown Calgary. Behind the Coming Out Monologues is a dedicated team of volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible. Lisa Van Osch proudly shares her reasons for being part of this dynamic team of volunteers, stating "the monologues are such an amazing means for expression and celebration, and being part of this amazing atmosphere seemed like a no-brainer." Together this team has created a safe place for the LGBT community to come together and have fun with fellow allies, and new friends.

Coordinator for the monologues, Madeline Hardy, shares, "I wanted to become involved in a project that was focused on celebrating and recognizing people and the positive aspects of the community. To me, the coming out monologues is exactly that. It’s an event where we all get to meet, share and celebrate our stories."

Leading the 2014 lineup, hosting the event and providing entertainment are the comedy musical group, The Dirrty Show. The hilarious female duo of The Dirrty Show have been writing and performing music about sexuality and obscure fetishes since early 2011. They have since been dubbed the female version of ‘Tenacious D’ combined with eclectic humour that’s compared to ‘Flight of the Conchords’.  Hailing from Red Deer, this duo has traveled all across Alberta playing Yuk Yuk’s, The Taboo Sex Show and Boonstock, to name only a few.

The Dirrty Show will be performing March 19th, and March 20th. The Monologues will kick off with Wednesday night’s performances. In addition to The Dirrty Show, Shambuddha will be sharing his experience about coming out to family and friends and how it has transformed his life, and in the process rebuilt his confidence. University of Calgary student, Alex will be taking the stage to speak of her passion for fighting for human rights. Shiloh - a self-proclaimed vintage Pinup gal of the 40’s born into a world of romance and submission - will be taking listeners on a journey of acceptance and self-love.  Joining the Wednesday night performances will be: River, Janine, Orry and Alex.

Thursday night features a jam-packed schedule headlined by The Dirrty Show.  Graham Shonfield will be sharing his journey to acceptance; for Graham, coming out wasn’t too hard for (him) in high school, but the difficulty came afterwards when (he) started traveling and living in places where it was safer for (him) to be in the closet. Performer Edwin will bring his passion for social justice and equality, with a twist of humor that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Newcomers to the Monologues, Tobyn, Marissa, Sam and Chantal will deliver just what the crowd needs: cathartic performances, and laughter.

The 2014 edition of the Coming Out Monologues will end with a bang with Friday night’s performances. Published poet Dale Lee Kwong will take the stage and share her stories of romantic queer relationships. The unique team of Susan and Helena pairs a mother and daughter with a bold message. These ladies will be sharing ten life lesson’s no queer should ever forget, especially if they fancy femmes. Desiree, a master of spoken word will rock the stage with her empowering voice and fierce stage presence. Performers Dave, Nancy and Susan, Brandon Craig and Evan will each have something unique to offer to make these monologues memorable, and moving.


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