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Don’t Judge a Pin Up by its Cover

Lesbian model breaking down barriers

Celebrity Interview by Krista Sylvester (From GayCalgary® Magazine, March 2014, page 34)
Don’t Judge a Pin Up by its Cover: Lesbian model breaking down barriers
Don’t Judge a Pin Up by its Cover: Lesbian model breaking down barriers
Don’t Judge a Pin Up by its Cover: Lesbian model breaking down barriers

Born and raised in East Baltimore City Md., future Pin Up Happy Jenn was constantly told by people she knew that she reminded them of a particular pinup beauty. That resemblance just happened to be with icon Bettie Page, who is a role model and inspiration for thousands, including Happy Jenn.

Despite the constant reminders, Happy Jenn didn’t really think anything of it until her first professional shoot, which turned out so well that she used the photos to enter her first pinup contest - and thus Happy Jenn was born.

She also just happens to be one of the world’s only lesbian pinup models, a fact she is proud of but doesn’t want to rely on. And while she is stunningly beautiful, inside and out, it doesn’t always mean it has been an easy ride.

"I’m sure things would be much easier for me if I lived in an area where pinup was more popular," she says, referring to her hometown. "And I’m also certain there are a few male photographers out there who wouldn’t offer me free services simply because they have no chance of getting in my panties -  but I don’t really look at those as challenges. I choose to see opportunities instead of challenges in all aspects of my life."

The fact most pinup models are usually associated with a predominantly male fan base has proven to be one barrier facing the vixen, but she always tries to stay true to herself, even if it alienates some potential fans.

"Sometimes I wonder if I’m sharing too much information about my personal life or not enough. It’s a fine line but I’ll always choose honesty because I respect real people. I mean, I don’t want to be known solely for being gay and it shouldn’t matter but at the same time, I am proud of who I am and I am eager to be an example that you can’t judge a book by its cover."

That’s why Happy Jenn encourages her fans to stay true to themselves, "while remembering that the key to happiness is within yourself."

"Never let anyone else tell you who you are or what you are capable of. Only you can decide your fate. And if you always follow your passion and remain true to yourself you will always be happy," she adds.

While the beautifully versatile model adorns all sorts of looks and themes, one of her favourite looks is anything vintage - and rockabilly.

"It’s a classic vintage look with a bad ass rock and roll edge that allows me to pseudo-modernize a timeless look."

And she’s more than just a pretty face. Happy Jenn also is a writer and aspiring entertainer and would love to publish a book or play a role in a movie. But that’s not all. While she’s been internationally published in over a dozen of different magazines from pinup specialities to the nation’s most popular lesbian magazine Curve as the "this is what a lesbian looks like" interview earlier this year, she still wants more.

"I’ve never made a cover before so that’s the last of my modeling goals.  I plan on following my bliss and keeping my eyes peeled for whatever opportunities the universe sends my way."

Personally though, Happy Jenn is already living a happy and fulfilled life with the woman of her dreams who she married over a decade ago, after proposing to her on their first Valentine’s Day.

"We waited over 11 years for it to become legal in our state and as soon as it was - we were married. This year is our lucky 13," Happy Jenn says. "She is amazing and my proof that soul mates exist."

Happy Jenn says she admires pioneer lesbians who have paved the way for others including Ellen and Tegan and Sara. "I think that says a lot about our world today and how much things have changed within our community especially within the last decade."

But society is not quite there yet, which is one reason why Happy Jenn has created a sisterhood group called Pin Up Sisters United.

"I saw a need for support and encouragement amongst women in our community and I filled it. People from all over the world, established or aspiring, can share their photos and accomplishments with positive like minded individuals. "

Fans can follow Happy Jenn on Facebook under her name "Pin Up Happy Jenn."


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