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Creep of the Week

Coalition for Family Values

Political Humour by D’Anne Witkowski (From March 2014 Online)

What do you do when you're losing your ideological battle at the national level? Why, you go global! Which is why a group of A-List anti-gay folks have gone and formed the Coalition for Family Values, a group that hopes to teach the world to sing. Except in this case "sing" means enact punishing anti-gay legislation.

Joining forces are, according to the Washington Blade, "more than 70 anti-gay activists and religious leaders from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and Brazil."

And what a roster of Creep luminaries and Creep contenders! Peter LaBarbera, who has advocated enacting Russian-style anti gay laws in America; Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma), who believes gays are a bigger threat than terrorists; Matt "There Is Nothing Conservative About Sodomy" Barber; Brian "Gays are too psychologically damaged to be athletes" Camenker, and members of the American Family Association.

And what do these folks all have in common? Let's see how Scott Lively explains it.

"We share a Biblical world view and speak the plain truth of the LGBT agenda and its destructive influence on society," Lively said at a recent D.C. press conference.

Got it. So the formation of this group is basically a reactionary response to the fact that LGBT rights are advancing and these folks are very a-scared.

Lively continued, "Our goal is to promote and protect the natural family as the essential foundation of civilization, and family values as the sources and guide to mainstream culture in every society, while advocating reasonable tolerance to those who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream."

In other words, Lively and his minions have joined forces to "protect" heterosexual married couples from the homos, lest we destroy all of civilization and every society, blah blah blah. Yeah, we've heard that all before.

What's worth noting is Lively's goal to advocate "reasonable tolerance to those who choose to live discretely outside the mainstream."

In other words, back in the closet, homos! And it truly boggles the mind what is considered "reasonable tolerance" to Lively, a guy who has links to Uganda's "kill the gays" bill and who has personally thanked Vladimir Putin for the anti-gay laws in Russia that have led to untold numbers of gay people being discriminated against, beaten, and jailed.

"We want to praise the Russian Federation for providing much-needed leadership in restoring family values in public policy," Lively said at the press conference. "We believe that God will bless the Russian people for their faith and courage."

During the Coalition for Family Values press conference, Lively was interrupted by Spectrum Human Rights Alliance's Ellen Sturtz and Slava Revin, and got pretty pissed. Revin was speaking in Russian and Sturtz was translating.

As Lively talked over Sturtz and Revin and as they talked over him, Lively said, "This is what we call homo-fascism." Which is ironic, since homosexuals are basically living under a fascist set of laws in Russia - laws that Lively is very excited about.

"I would like to ask you to remove these two people from the press conference," Lively told security.

On her way out Sturtz shouted, "We would like to stop the killing that is going on in your name in Uganda and in Russia."

Oooh. Burn. Or it would be if the horrible climate in Uganda and Russia wasn't exactly what the Coalition for Family Values was created to help perpetuate.


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