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Jay Malinowski Sets Sail For Alberta

Bedouine Soundclash frontman touring behind Martel

Concert Preview by Jason Clevett (From March 2014 Online)

Who is Martel? That is not only the website dedicated to Jay Malinowski's new album but what will be explored this week when Malinowski & The Deadcoast hit Alberta for three intimate concerts. The band plays Communitea in Canmore March 24th, Festival Hall in Calgary March 25th and The ARTery March 26th in Edmonton. Malinowski is touring behind the album Martel which came to life when he explored his family history. 300 years ago his relative Charles Martel was a sailor. The result is 18 songs that Malinowski and his band will be bringing to life live this week.

"We've got Patrick Krief from The Dears playing guitar and drums, and we have a three piece string section and I am playing piano. We have been rehearsing and it sounds good, it is going to be a good night," Malinowski told GayCalgary.

When Malinowski last toured solo behind his Bright Lights & Bruises in 2010 he was alone on stage, while his band Bedouin Soundclash is a 3 piece. It has been a few years since he was on the road and Malinowski was excited to be performing with a full band for this solo tour which will feature primarily songs from the Martel.

"I always like playing with a band. My last solo tour was mostly just me on stage. It is nice to have people to feed off of, on stage. There will be just songs from Martel. We may play a few from Bright Lights but it will mainly be from the Martel record. It won't be just the straight record we will have different elements. I did the revival tour in 2012 so it has been about a year and a half [since I was on the road]. I am still wondering how it is going to go I am not used to touring at all anymore. It wasn't something I thought about at all before I just did it."

Catch Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast this week in Alberta and look for a full interview in the April edition of GayCalgary.(GC)

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