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Colin & Justin Are Under Cabin Pressure

TV Show Review by OUTtv (From May 2014 Online)
Colin & Justin Are Under Cabin Pressure

Our favourite outrageous design duo is deep into a Canadian cottage country renovation – just in time for the summer season. Whether you call it a cottage, camp or a cabin, Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure is the show you’ve been waiting for to get great design ideas for your weekend getaway.

The multi-media design couple says that they’ve never had a more stressful project. This show isn’t what Colin & Justin’s viewers have become used to – the guys don’t react in horror to a tacky decorating disaster and then make it beautiful – not at all. This project is a personal labour of love on a stringent budget. Yes, the urban and urbane duo will get their hands dirty and their hair mussed in their quest to create a cozy cottage retreat in the wild outdoors. Plus they’ve invited friends Cherri & David to join them as co-owners so they’ve got a second set of expectations to handle.

For Cabin Pressure, Colin & Justin have sunk their funds into the purchase of a lovely property on a smaller lake in Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka region. The hitch is that they’ve also bought the worst cottage in the area. The two laugh when they say that they couldn’t buy on the bigger lakes in the region, like Rousseau or Muskoka, because the taxes alone are unaffordable. But this deceptively sweet little fixer-upper may bring them to the end of the financial rope even regardless of its lower taxes. Will the stylish Scottish guys discover that they’ve been penny-wise (or is that nickel-wise now) and pound-foolish?

The experienced design duo knows that the cottage on that land needs TLC. Actually, it needs more than TLC - it may need a bulldozer. The pressure mounts as C&J try to create their vision as more and more challenges crop up. After falling in love with the cottage’s main selling feature, a 1500 square foot wrap-around deck, Colin & Justin discover that something is rotten in Muskoka. And it’s their dangerous deck!

It seems that Colin & Justin made a rookie real-estate mistake when they bought the property with their hearts and not their heads. This may turn out to be an expensive or painful mistake, because the cottage seems to be an accident just waiting to happen. Long-suffering contractor Dan the Man is the one who has to deliver the bad news to the guys. Colin & Justin get a shock when Dan tells them the state of the electrical system. Just hammering a picture hook into the plaster could result in life-threatening juice jolt from the old wiring. How are they supposed to make holiday heaven when it seems that deathtraps are lurking throughout the cottage? But the intrepid designers are up to the challenge of creating the perfect getaway. Well, maybe. But that’s only if they don’t crack under the pressure first.

After the four friends purchase the 4-bedroom log cottage, it’s up to Colin & Justin to get the contractor and start the renovation. The first stop is the 2nd floor guest room that will provide the pair with a place to sleep when the rest of the cottage is turned into a major construction zone. Yes – the design duo has decided to live at the property all through the twelve-week renovation!

Once they have a place to lay their heads, it’s time to turn attention to Cherri and David’s bathroom. Colin & Justin want to give their friends a spa-like experience. But it seems they’ve over-promised and under-budgeted. How can Colin & Justin meet Cherri’s expectation of a big bathtub to relax in and David’s demand for a separate shower? The pressure is sky-high and they’re only just starting on the project.

So Colin & Justin up the ante and decide to create a massive master suite for Cherri and David that will rival any 5-star hotel.

These two dynamos can’t help themselves – when they start a project, only perfection is the accepted result.  Need more room for visitors? Well, create a whole new 650 sq. ft. "bunkie" adjoining cottage and squeeze it into the budget. Want a dream kitchen? Then be prepared to wash dishes in the bathroom and have your appliances out on the (fixed) deck!

The pressure builds as C&J try to handle these unforeseen problems on their tiny budget. After all, they summoned their inner misers to ensure that the project would be affordable. Cabin Pressure will show you a completely different side of Colin & Justin along with great ideas for your own getaway.(GC)

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