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Creep of the Week

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Political Humour by D’Anne Witkowski (From June 2014 Online)

Another day, another terrible thing happening in this world and another person trying to pin it on the gays.

Piece of shit garbage person Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Isla Vista, California, stabbing three to death in his apartment, and shooting three others. He injured a bunch more. He also killed himself.

Unlike so many mass killings, where we are left wondering why the killer did what he did, Rodger left behind a very detailed explanation via YouTube videos and a written manifesto.

Rodger made clear that he hated women because they would not fuck him even though he, in his own word, was "beautiful." He felt entitled to all the pussy in the world and because women are withholding bitches, he had to kill them. He then methodically planned what he called "The Day of Retribution," which he carried out on May 23.

If you have had the displeasure of reading Rodger’s writing or watching his videos, then it is abundantly clear to you why women rejected him. There was clearly something very wrong with him. He was creepy as fuck. Unfortunately, he did not see himself as the problem.

"The Day of Retribution," he wrote in his manifesto, "is mainly my war against women for rejecting me and depriving me of sex and love. If only one girl had given me a chance, tried to get to know me, let me take her out on a date."

Clearly women and girls brought this, like all of the violence they face, on themselves.

Rodger also wrote, "I will destroy all women because I can never have them. I will make them all suffer for rejecting me. I will arm myself with deadly weapons and wage a war against all women and the men they are attracted to. And I will slaughter them like the animals they are."

Clearly this guy is fucked up. Any armchair psychotherapist could tell you that. But it takes a special kind of psychotherapist to look at this evidence and declare that Rodger was probably a repressed homo.

But that’s just what Dr. Robi Ludwig did just two days after the murders during her appearance on Fox News.

"When I was first listening to him, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s angry with women for rejecting him,’" Ludwig said on Fox. "And then I started to have a different idea: Is this somebody who is trying to fight against his homosexual impulses?"

What gave her this idea? She doesn’t say.

Then she asked, "Was he angry with women because they were taking away men from him?"

It’s a novel theory. And by novel I mean "out of the fucking blue." There’s no evidence that Rodgers was gay. So for Ludwig to suggest such a thing and offer absolutely no support suggests that her primary interest is in throwing red meat to Fox News viewers.

"Was he angry at the men for not choosing him?" she continued. "This is a kid who was just angry in general and probably felt rejected, he couldn’t connect, he couldn’t feel loved, he couldn’t feel successful. Maybe he didn’t feel like a real man."

Ah, yes. Maybe he didn’t feel like a real man, because he wasn’t. He was a terrible human being. Sexist, racist, entitled, narcissistic. But what Ludwig seems to be suggesting here is that real men aren’t gay.

On May 26 Ludwig took to Twitter to defend herself, claiming she "was misunderstood."

"I in NO way meant to indicate being a homosexual or having homosexual impulses is a cause for spree killing," she wrote.

And while that might not have been her intention, that’s exactly what she did. As if only something truly heinous like homosexuality would drive someone to go on a mass murder spree. As if raging misogyny isn’t enough cause.(GC)

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