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Video Interview

Ricky Roman and Levi Karter at Evolution Wonderlounge

Celebrity Interview by V.N. Winnick (From GayCalgary® Magazine, November 2015, page 27)
Ricky Roman and Levi Karter
Ricky Roman and Levi Karter
Image by: GayCalgary Magazine
Ricky Roman
Ricky Roman
Image by: GayCalgary Magazine
Levi Karter
Levi Karter
Image by: GayCalgary Magazine

Visiting Edmonton for Pride season, Ricky Roman and Levi Karter made a stop at Evolution Wonderlounge for the venue’s second anniversary. The pair were elated to be in Edmonton, and had a lovely conversation with our own Steve Polyak, in which they were open with him, and affectionate with each other.

The pair had a lot fun things to talk about, leading off with Ricky’s experiences using the (in)famous ‘Clone-a-Willy’ kit. As a guest on Davey Wavey’s YouTube channel ( ), Roman was convinced to try out the home-dildo-making product, and seemed impressed with the results. "It actually turned out really well – it’s a good product. They’re not even paying me to say this right now." Naturally, this led to the question of whether Roman had an official line of toys moulded from his own physique, but the unfortunate answer is "no", though he did hint that eager fans should keep their eyes (among other things) open for developments on that front in the not-too-distant future.

The adorable Levi Karter, talking about his own downtime activities, told us that, of all things, he’s into knitting! Learning the craft at the hands of Cockyboys exec Benny Morecock, Karter said, "I keep messing up, so I don’t have a finished product yet... I want to make a scarf for Bailey... Benny’s dog. It seems easy because you don’t have to knit as much."

Roman interjected, "I can’t wait for you to get really good at it and make me a scarf."

"I’ll make you a cock sock. Or a ball sack."

Later on, Roman discussed life as a new arrival in Los Angeles, having moved to the city recently, and both boys got excited talking about the new reality-style program coming to Cockyboys called, naturally, ‘Meet the Morecocks’, promised to delve into the lives and personalities of of everyone’s favourite adult models. "I just saw the draft for the first episode," Karter confided. "I’m super excited for it."

Being as confident in their bodies as these two are, it wasn’t long before a little skin was showing. At Karter’s insistence, Roman shows off a new tattoo. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say, that Karter shows it off for him by hauling down Roman’s pants. "That’s my latest and greatest. Got that a couple of months ago," Roman said of a piece on his left thigh, while waggling his hips.

Eventually Karter and Roman moved on to talk about what’s up next for them, and Karter immediately hit on his excitement to be travelling back to Fire Island. "It’s seriously just gay heaven," he said. "It has got the best energy; the best vibes."

To which Roman responded, "Gay heaven or gay hell, but that’s what you make of it – like any place."

To run the risk of editorializing, Karter and Roman clearly enjoy one another’s presence. Throughout the interview both boys were very close, affectionate and at ease. At the time the interview was filmed, they had been separated by their respective commitments for some time. "We were super excited for the trip, because it has been the longest we have gone without seeing each other for a while," Roman said. "So to be able to come to a place like this, and work with one of my best friends, is a blessing."

Be sure to check out the tail end of the video for Ricky Roman’s special message to his fans.

"I can’t top that," said Karter, "but I’m not a top, so it doesn’t matter."

Interview - Levi Karter and Ricky Roman

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