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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Whigfield returns as Sannie

The iconic Eurodance singer is back with an LGBT inspired music video

Celebrity Interview by Josh Rimer (From GayCalgary® Magazine, July 2018, page 0)

The year was 1995. Quebec voted to stay in Canada, OJ Simpson was found innocent, and Eurodance was at the height of its Canadian popularity. I saw the music video for Saturday Night by Whigfield after watching "Electric Circus" on Much Music and I was hooked. I couldn't get the song out of my head and ended up becoming a super fan of the singer. I bought every CD single she put out and saw her in concert the few times she came to Canada to perform on tour with other dance acts.

It's very rare for a singer to stick around for over 20 years, let alone when they come from a music genre that barely even lasted that long. Somehow Whigfield, or Sannie as she's now known, (which is her real name), has managed to keep her singing career going though for more than two decades. Just recently, she had entered the Eurovision contest for her home country of Denmark with her new single Boys on Girls.

In what was a bit of a dream come true for a huge fan of so many years, I sat down with my favourite singer of the 90's to talk about why she waited until now for Eurovision, what the inspiration was behind her new song and having intimate same-sex scenes in its music video, and how her music has evolved from Whigfield to Sannie.

She also talked about the possibility of going on tour in Canada with Aqua (spoiler alert: it's happening!), what she's working on next, and even addressed the long-standing rumors about British singer Ann Lee being the actual voice behind the Whigfield act with Sannie just being the face and lip syncing.

I’m of course not the only Canadian from Alberta though who’s had a love affair with Whigfield. Didi D'Edada is a drag queen in Lethbridge whose name comes from lyrics in the singer’s biggest hit. I invited her to ask Sannie a few questions of her own as well, by email:

DD: Where did you come up with the opening "words" of Saturday Night? Where did "di di dadada" come from?

S: It came up by fooling around with funny sounds at the studio.

DD: Are you a drag fan?

S: Always a drag fan.

DD: How does it feel to have a drag queen named for the lyrics in your hit song?

S: I'm honoured of course, it's pretty cool.

Watch the video below to see our full skype interview and the music video for "Boys on Girls"

Sannie - Boys on Girls

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