Magazine Policies

Our policies pertaining to the magazine.

Photography Policy

Event Photography

The staff of GayCalgary® do their best to provide thorough coverage of GLBT community events in Calgary and across Alberta, however due to shear volume we have developed a loose set of guidelines of which events receive priority.

  • Photographs are generally not taken on regular bar nights, at house parties, birthday parties or weddings.
  • Weekly events are not photographed unless we are informed of special circumstance (event launch, special guests, etc.)
  • In the case of a conflict, generally annual events receive priority over monthly events, which in turn receive priority over special weekly events.

Above all, we reserve the right to selectively attend events as we are capable and available.

Photography of People

Legally speaking, we are able to publish photographs of anyone who poses for a photograph, or is aware that their photograph has been taken. Of course, we are aware of the potential sensitivity in the GLBT community and so we have a number of other precautions in place.

First, GayCalgary® photographers will always identify themselves and ask prior to taking photographs of individuals we do not recognize, or who have declined in the past. If individuals have given approval two or more times in the past, we may possibly take photographs without asking explicitly.

Once a photograph has already been taken, it is up to the individual who has been photographed to notify us if they do not wish their photograph to be used in the magazine or on the websites. They may do so immediately or shortly afterward, or contact us prior to the next magazine deadline.

As we are within our legal rights to publish photographs that we have taken, GayCalgary® is not responsible for any adverse outcomes that may result from having your photograph in GayCalgary® Magazine or on the GayCalgary® website. We will honour legitimate take-down requests in the online photo gallery however we will not remove or censor photographs from the online edition of GayCalgary® Magazine without considerable cost to the individual making the request.

All stage performers are considered to be publicly posing, and thus permission is not required to take and publish photographs. We must be informed prior to a performance if performers do not wish to be photographed.