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'The Multiple Lover' : Raw Novel Exposes Often-Ignored LGBTQ Domestic Violence

Released: Monday September 7, 2020 (United Kingdom) - PR FOR LESS
'The Multiple Lover' : Raw Novel Exposes Often-Ignored LGBTQ Domestic Violence

Inspired by the real-world harrowing events experienced by author J.L. Russell, ‘The Multiple Lover’ twists the usual romance novel into a frank and intense exposé’ of the domestic violence pandemic that exists in LGBTQ relationships. It’s the initially heartwarming story of Tom and Matt, whose love story seems perfect; until they move in together and Tom’s treatment of Matt takes a shocking turn. It’s an important story that closely mirrors reality, with one critic writing, "Excellent reading. Keep tissues next to you for laughter and tears."

While members of the LGBTQ community so rightfully pick up pace with their voice and influence, most could be led to believe that all relationships are blissful. But just five minutes spent talking with Welsh author J.L. Russell proves that the LGBTQ community suffers the same domestic violence pandemic.

Russell’s experiences of mental, verbal and sexual abuse at the hands of a former partner were so harrowing and scarring that he’s turned to writing as therapy. That solace has seen him craft a raw and awakening novel that is based on his own experiences. Although the nightmare maybe over it has blemished Russell falling in love with someone again.

‘The Multiple Lover’ may at first read like a romance novel. But, just as many abusive relationships indeed start out "the right way", the relationship between main characters Tom and Matt quickly descends into one of victim, abuser and treatment that nobody deserves to endure.


When office worker, Matt Storm, meets the gorgeous Tom Sheppard, love turns his world upside-down. Before he knows it, Matt has quit his dead-end position at his sales company, opened a toy shop and rented a flat to share with the new love of his life. No more living with his parents, no more sharing a bathroom with his sister and no more nights spent in a lonely bed. Sure, Tom can be a bit grumpy sometimes, but he definitely cares about Matt more than anyone else in the world. The first night after they move in together, Tom hits Matt. Over the coming days, the facade of Matt’s perfect boyfriend falls away a little more with every insult, blow and swear word. The biggest slap of all comes when Matt finds secret messages hidden on Tom’s phone, which reveal that Tom is cheating on him. Matt is sure things will get better, but every day only brings more heartache and pain in the form of violence, betrayal, sexual abuse and deceit from the man Matt fell in love with. With his perfect life crumbling to pieces around him, Matt must face two choices which seem equally devastating: losing Tom, or losing himself.

"It all started with me innocently questioning the stream of incoming text messages on the phone of the person I loved so deeply," explains the author. "Their defensive response started out as verbal abuse and then rapidly evolved into a lot worse, as I came to realise a full affair was taking place. I’ve bottled these emotions and the hurt up for so long, and putting pen to paper was my way to try and let these feelings go, readdress them and rationalise what has become a blight of adversity in my life. I almost feel as if I’m laying a hidden demon to rest."

Continuing, "This book is dedicated to all of the men and women who have been abused, mistreated or become the victims of unfaithfulness from a partner. I hope it empowers them, especially those experiencing violence, to speak out about their ordeal and get the help they need to break free and start rebuilding their lives. It’s not easy, but you don’t deserve the mistreatment and will one day find the courage to step into a new life where your self-worth comes first."

Reviews have been extremely positive. AJ comments, "This book had me laughing and then crying. It's heartbreaking to know that the things that happened in the story are based on real life events. I have so many questions after reading the book that I hope there will be a sequel!"

C L Gibbs adds, "Just finished reading The Multiple Lover. What a good read! Fast paced, and written in a very relatable way. Also sad to know that it is based on a true story and that the story in the book will ring true to many. Looking forward to the next publication from this new author!"

‘The Multiple Lover’ is published by Austin Macauley publishers international and available now:

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