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Colton Ford is “Stronger”: He Returns with New Music and a Hopeful Attitude

Released: Saturday November 7, 2020 (NewYork) - Project Publicity
Colton Ford
Colton Ford

"Figuring our way through challenges, hardships and difficult times is an integral part of life for most people, and where we can learn and grow the most on our journey through it." Colton Ford acknowledges that the past several years have been challenging for him – debilitating, at times – but he has found inspiration through the process, reflected in his songwriting. His debut single, "Stronger," from his upcoming EP, "Unity," was written by Ford along with his collaborative partners, Ron Schrader and Spin Sista, collectively known as Woop Woop Productions.

"Stronger" is a big, beautiful ballad that starts off acoustically with a simple guitar and vocal before whisking listeners on a powerfully sweeping musical journey.  The inspirational lyrics share Ford’s own positive self speak to stay the course, knowing that victory will be the outcome. "We have to stay conscious of what we are telling ourselves, as that impacts and influences everything we experience in this life. This narrative I believe is very timely and very relevant, especially now!" Colton’s Ford’s "Stronger" is a Woop Woop Productions release, distributed by Woop Woop Music and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all major digital platforms. The music video is on YouTube.

Along with the original version, Colton Ford is releasing two remixes of "Stronger." Spin Sista’s "Future Haus" mix of the song is epic and anthemic; fueling the urge to get up and dance. Spin’s "Haus of Love" mix takes listeners in another direction, offering up a chill kind of vibe that Ford says is "absolutely delish!!"

Ford and Schrader have known each other since kindergarten and have been collaborating off and on throughout the years. They partnered up with Spin Sista over two years ago, creating Woop Woop Productions this past year to continue to develop material for Ford, but also to collaborate with and develop material for other artists. "We now have thirty or so original songs in our catalogue and we’re ready to rock," Ford says.

His forthcoming EP, "Unity," talks about how "we as human beings are connected and more alike than we are different," Ford explains.  "What we’re seeing, who and what we’re dealing with, and how we can overcome the atrocities we’re witnessing and facing by unifying and demanding change has inspired me. We need to embrace that we are one species with all kinds of wonderful brothers and sisters in it, celebrate our diversity and appreciate that we are better together then we are apart."

"This EP has super powerful messages and tracks that I hope listeners will soak in and enjoy. It’s "poppin’, infectiously slammin’ and will make ya wanna sing, get up and move! I hope listeners will feel inspired with a sense of strength from and connectedness to the music. We got some anthems y’all!"

Colton Ford was signed to Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Denise Rich's production company, MIDE Productions, and had two deals with Virgin in the '90's, the first of which had him paired up with the Godfather of House Music, Frankie Knuckles. He’s released four full-length albums, "Tug of War," "Under the Covers," "The Way I Am" and "Glenn Soukesian," one EP, "Next Chapter," and numerous Billboard charting singles. His collaborators include Frankie Knuckles, Chris Willis (David Guetta), Nervo (Kelly Rowlands, Kesha, Britney Spears), Wawa (Kylie Minogue), Redtop (Beyoncé, Taio Cruz), Larry Peace (Prince) and Erik Griggs (Jordan Sparks, Chris Brown) to name just a few, and of course his current creative partners Ron and Spin. He’s had several hit singles and videos, including Billboard charting, "The Way You Love Me," "That’s Me," "Losing My Religion," "Let Me Live Again," and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" with dance diva Pepper Mashay. He was also a featured singer on international producers Chris Reece and Mischa Daniels’ 2010 albums on Armada Music ("The Divine Circle" and "Where You Wanna Go," respectively), writing the toplines for "Tonight" and "The Story."

Colton was also named in's Top 50 Gay Male Musicians, he was featured in Cyndi Lauper’s video for her hit "Into The Nightlife," and also performed on the Lauper-helmed 2008 True Colors Tour. He was the subject of the acclaimed 2003 documentary, "Naked Fame," and has had cameos in the films "Another Gay Sequel" by Todd Stephens, and John Schlesinger’s "The Next Best Thing" starring Madonna and Rupert Everett. Glenn co-starred for three seasons playing Sheriff Trout on Here! TV’s "The Lair," and was also a featured panelist on the channel’s resident chat fest, "Threesome." He made his off-Broadway debut in 2012 co-starring in "Little House on the Ferry," and also co-starred in Studio C’s Production of Howard David Rivers’ critically acclaimed play, "And All The Dead, Lie Down," in Hollywood California, 2018.

For the past seven years, Ford took a conscious step back from his public life, still releasing an album ("Glenn Soukesian" in 2016) and several singles during that time, but not pushing his work the way he had done previously. "I needed time to process the losses I was experiencing during this time, reflect and grow," he says.  "With regard to my work, these days I’m not compromising my vision, changing who I am artistically or doing music that doesn’t represent me.  I’m doing what I feel is right for me first and foremost. I’ve grown very comfortable and confident trusting my creative voices without question or compromise.  I’ve become Stronger."

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