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Boy Boy Montréal - Take an insider’s look into Montréal’s gay porn industry

Released: Friday October 1, 2021 - OUTtv Network
Boy Boy Montréal - Take an insider’s look into Montréal’s gay porn industry

OUTtv presents BOY BOY MONTRÉAL, a 10-episode documentary series produced by Romeo & Fils, now airing on OUTtv, via and on OUTtv channels on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

Through the confessions of six professional pornstars, take an insider’s look into Montréal’s gay porn industry, a major hub of this lucrative industry that generates billions of dollars each year. Meet the actors, cult filmmakers, specialists in sex health, and model’s entourage revealing all the secrets about the pornstar life. The series answers all the questions that everyone has on their lips through the eyes of professional models : Trent King, Skyy Knox, Guillaume Patenaude, Edward Terrant, Teddy Torres, River Wilson and many more.

The documentary series goes far beyond porn. In addition to behind-the-scenes secrets, it discusses daily routines, love life, self-esteem, health and prevention, therapy and surgery. A wide range of stakeholders, including international actors, cult filmmakers, specialists in sex health, ex-pornstars and actor’s entourage ensure that subjects are treated with rigour and accuracy. The series will show you that Montréal is one of the gayest places to be!

The soundtrack of the series is provided by a rich selection of emerging artists, including Aaricia, Emi Jeen, Heartstreets, Le Couleur, Sophia Bel, Super Plage, Tommy Lunaire, Tommy Kruise et Willygram.

An international distribution to shine across the world

The documentary series BOY BOY MONTRÉAL produced by Romeo & Fils, will be distributed in five countries.

In Canada, starting Thursday, September 16 at 10:30pm ET/PT, aired on OUTtv, via and on OUTtv channels on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

In the U.S., starting September 16 via the website and the OUTtv channel on Apple TV.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, airing September 16 via

In New Zealand, from October 1st on OUTtv's on-demand channel via Television New Zealand (TVNZ), the New Zealand public television channel.

A duo of directors inside the industry

BOY BOY MONTRÉAL is directed by Isabelle Hamon and Raphaël Massicotte, two filmmakers with backgrounds in pornographic production. Their extensive knowledge of this culture and their close ties with the industry's players allow the series to offer an exclusive perspective.

Isabelle Hamon is one of the most influential directors in the gay porn industry. Since 2010, she has been working with the biggest production studios in America. In addition to her career in the industry, in 2017 she set up her own studio in Montréal, Les Productions IGNA, which produces music videos and artistic projects with a queer and erotic flavor. Her mission is to shine a light on sex workers in order to restore a positive image of the sex industry.

Raphaël Massicotte is a writer, director and multi-platform visual artist based in Montréal. Raphael has redefined the gay porno esthetic by making work at the nexus of pop-culture, sex cultures and cinema. In 2018, his short film Starving Boys premiered at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Raphael embrasses gay porno in his artistic practice and wants to bring the form to a wider audience.


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ROMEO & FILS is a multi-platform production house founded in 2013 by France-Aimy Tremblay and Martin Henri, with creativity and talent development as its driving force.

ROMEO is passion, vision, diversity and tenacity. It is a creative pool where collaborators can explore all mediums. The flexibility that the company allows is unparalleled and the team is entirely dedicated to each project that takes root there. The production methods are adapted and flexible, just like the multiple platforms of modern communication.

In 8 years, ROMEO has produced over 700 videos for prestigious clients such as Facebook, Air Canada, MTV, NBA, Nestlé, McDonald's, Uniprix and Tourisme Montréal. ROMEO produces music videos for international artists such as: Elton John, Kaytranada, Skrillex, Loud, Coeur de Pirate, Marie-Mai, Metronomy and many others.

In television, ROMEO has a long list of creative projects with mainstream broadcasters such as Bell Media, Télé-Québec and TV5-Unis. The company's successes include the critically acclaimed magazine FABRIQUÉ AU QUÉBEC, the daily show CTRL on Musique Plus, and the fictional web series SYLVAIN LE MAGNIFIQUE. In 2021, ROMEO produced the fictional webseries U-HAULING for TV5-Unis, the documentary series BOY BOY MONTRÉAL for OUTtv as well as the music variety LOUD CINÉTIQUE for Télé-Québec.


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