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Articles in the December 2018 Edition
INTERVIEW - Roughing It with Alan Doyle
Atlantic Canada’s Favourite Son on New EP and Touring at 50
For 27 years, Alan Doyle has been bringing the kitchen party to venues throughout Canada and around the world. First in the iconic Great Big Sea, now as...
INTERVIEW - Taking A Bite with Rozette
Calgary Artist Rebrands and Rebuilds
For 20 years Calgary’s Jenn Beaupre has had a musical career that has taken her on a unique path. A contestant on Canadian Idol Season 3, vocal coach...
INTERVIEW - Rozette’s Fallback Plan
Calgary Singer On The Love of the LGBTQ Community And What Alberta Means To Her
When talking to Calgary’s Rozette, whose currently creating YouTube "Quarantunes" and her latest single "Bite," one of the topics that...
INTERVIEW - Canadian Teenaged Contemporary Soul/Pop Phenomenon Avery Raquel
Breaking on to Billboard’s Dance Club Song Chart with “Pieces”
The teenaged contemporary Soul/Pop phenomenon Avery Raquel continues to climb the dance charts with the StoneBridge remix of "Pieces," the second...
INTERVIEW - Patti LuPone - A Comeback in Quarantine
Stage icon talks 'Hollywood', her basement videos and why ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ will never be the same
In Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, the wife becomes the boss, the "black screenwriter" is simply a screenwriter, and the gay leading man is just himself...
INTERVIEW - The Unlikely History of a Gay Porn Landmark
Filmmaker Rachel Mason on the Netflix doc she made about her parents who ran a gay porn empire
Gay porn is not what straight, religious-conservative married couple Barry and Karen Mason thought they’d become known for. But for over 35 years, they...
INTERVIEW - Janelle Monáe Doesn’t Know Time Either
The queer icon talks ‘too on the nose’ pandemic, LGBTQ representation and Pride plans
I really hadn’t planned on telling queer powerhouse singer-actress-activist Janelle Monáe that I made food for my boyfriend the night before I got on Zoom...
VIDEO INTERVIEW – BibleGirl at the Palace Nightclub in Calgary
Talks about drag, 420, and traveling to Canada
Back in 2017, GayCalgary interviewed the very talented Biblegirl at a Werked: The L.A. Takeover, held at the Palace Nightclub in Calgary. The casual conversation...
Online Articles this Month
Screen Queen
Mr. Rogers' quiet gay activism, plus 'Love, Simon,' 'A Raisin in the Sun' and 'Blockers'
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? For over 30 years, national treasure Fred Rogers welcomed kids who felt different to his  "neighborhood." Maybe...
Pride Journey
Aspen Gay Ski Week
For years I’ve heard about Aspen Gay Ski Week, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to take the journey out to Colorado to experience the event...
Pride Journey
Bloomington, Indiana
In the heart of Pence country lies a gay oasis that needs to be on everyone’s list of places to visit. Bloomington, Indiana is one of the most welcoming...
Pride Journey
Columbus, Ohio
This was my fourth visit to Columbus, Ohio and every time I visit, I discover something new. What a lot of people don’t realize about this thriving mid-west...
Creep of the Week
Donald Trump
I’m old enough to remember when the President of the United States wasn’t an incurious moron recklessly obsessed with his own image. And this is the man...
Creep of the Week
I’m writing this on June 1, the beginning of Pride month. Simultaneously, across the country people are protesting and tensions are escalating over the...
Creep of the Week
Donald Trump
June may be Pride Month, but it isn’t official anymore. Not since Donald Trump became the president. He has never issued an official proclamation declaring...
Positive Thoughts - Passing the Torch
Almost a quarter-century after his passing, Pedro Zamora continues to inspire future generations & help in the fight against HIV
I recently had the honor of attending a private fundraiser for the Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship, a program of the National AIDS Memorial Grove...
Positive Thoughts - Viral Basics
Understanding the importance of basic HIV research and clinical trials – and the benefits of being undetectable
Carl W. Dieffenbach, PhD, is director of the Division of AIDS (DAIDS) at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part...
Positive Thoughts
The Children Are Our Future
Much has been written about the recent and devastating Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting in February in Parkland, Florida, that claimed the lives...
Hear Me Out
9 Albums to Hear in 2019
There’s something for every color of the rainbow included in this year’s music-release roster. The list is long, but here’s a taste: debuts from Pitch...
Editorial Cartoon
Hallelujah Virus
Editorial Cartoon
There to Preserve Disorder
Editorial Cartoon
Larry Kramer
Deep Inside Hollywood
Jamie Lee Curtis, Kim Cattrall, 'American Horror Story', and Jim Parsons
Jamie Lee Curtis is coming to your wedding You probably don’t know the name Sara Cunningham yet. But you will soon enough. See, about 10 years ago, the...
Deep Inside Hollywood
'Smash', The Indigo Girls, 'Scarface', and Justin Vivian Bond
Finally, the future of Smash Hey Smash fans, remember how that short-lived NBC musical drama series was intended to actually make a literal Broadway...
Creep of the Week
Donald Trump
As I write this the Supreme Court has just ruled that LGBTQ workers are protected under federal employment discrimination law. This is huge. In another...
Creep of the Week
Roger Severino
Even if you know in your heart of rainbow hearts that the president of the United States and the cretins who work for him hate you, you might not realize...
Editorial Cartoon
Now You See It
Editorial Cartoon
Hold Your Firing