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Articles in the November 2015 Edition
12th Anniversary, the busy summer of 2015, and LGBT community changes
Publisher’s Column
If you have been reading us since 2003, you would know that I wrote the publisher’s column for the first nine months of the magazine’s life. After that...
Homos on the Range
A prairie AIDS play re-emerges after two decades
Supposedly, lightning never strikestwice in the same spot. But after 21 years apart, Calgary actors Barry Thorsonand Steve Gin are challenging that notion...
Video Interview - James Marsters
Music, mayhem and John Barrowman
James Marsters hooked us when he took on the role of Spike in Joss Whedon’s hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he is one of those people that gets better...
Peaches Lets It All Hang Out
‘F*ck the Pain Away’ performer talks childhood trans friend, penis onesies and vagina love
"Look. I don’t have breasts anymore." Peaches is reminiscing on a dear friend she grew up with, when he showed up at her door, and came out...
Positive Thoughts
Q&A with Mondo Guerra
Mondo Guerra is a fashion designer who first came to fame in 2010 as a contestant on the eighth season of the reality television show Project Runway. Although...
Bravely Bareilles
Sara Bareilles on growing up with gay ‘brothers and sisters,’ feminism and fan hugs
Sara Bareilles was enjoying a bite at a Boston restaurant recently, and on her way out, the manager stopped her. He wanted a hug. Inspired by her empowering...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, That Funny Gay Guy, Bette Midler, 'Dance From the Dance'
Who’s gayer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Nicki Minaj? This week in tangentially-queer news, JosephGordon-Levitt will star in the new psychological thriller...
Video Interview - We’re Trippin’: Exactly (But Not Really)
36 Seconds with BJ Britt
Everyone wants a sexy special agent who is also a doctor; I believe it’s a requirement for any television, movie or story worth knowing, let alone a requirement...
The positive message within the salon, boutique and new eatery
In this day and age we live in a world defined by the spotlight. North American superstars are taking over our televisions, news media and charitable organizations...
Video Interview
DJ Pornstar
Our publisher, Steve Polyak, had a chance to chat with musician and model DJ Pornstar (aka Dominic Pacifico) recently, and covered a lot of ground – from...
Video Interview
Ricky Roman and Levi Karter at Evolution Wonderlounge
Visiting Edmonton for Pride season, Ricky Roman and Levi Karter made a stop at Evolution Wonderlounge for the venue’s second anniversary. The pair were...
NSFW - Video Interview
Ricky Roman and Levi Karter at Evolution Wonderlounge UNCENSORED
To watch the special X-Rated part of the interview with Ricky Roman and Levi Karter you will need a FREE account on the GayCalgary Magazine website...
The Gay World of Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez talks lesbian rumors, (maybe) dating gay men and how she’s proud of Nick Jonas’s ‘love for everyone’
Selena Gomez is alive, revived and relieved. After photos turned up in 2014 of Gomez scrub-a-dub-dubbing with gal pal Cara Delevingne, who's openly bisexual...
Queer Eye
Banff Pride 2015 at Wild Bills Saloon, Banff Annual Calgary Chinook Fund Dinner at Parc, Calgary
A Couple of Guys
The Final Curtain
A Couple of Guys
A Pain In the Neck
A Couple of Guys
Making a Scene
A Couple of Guys
Acting Out
News Releases
Australian Leadership Ousts Prime Minister Who Stood in the Way of Marriage Equality Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who last month refused to...
Mz. GayCalgary - November 2015
Vanity Fair
If you have seen a drag show in Edmonton over the last 20 years, you have likely seen Vanity Fair perform. David Chimko, aka Vanity Fair, was born in Whitecourt...
LGBT Community Directory
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
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Online Articles this Month
Editorial Cartoon
Office Space Cadet
Creep of the Week
Pat Robertson
Thanksgiving is a particularly problematic holiday. I mean, not only do people try to cram the whole extended family into Grandma's 900 square foot house...
The Frivolist - Mr. Manners
9 Ways NOT to Come Out at Holiday Time
Last year, I wrote a rather pointed column for the Frivolist called "9 Reasons Why Coming Out on a Holiday Isn’t a Good Idea," which detailed...
The OutField
Rugby tackles homophobia
If you’re looking for a stereotypical macho sport, you don’t have to search further than rugby. A full-contact sport – without much protection – it’s got...
Editorial Cartoon
Costume Drama
Creep of the Week
Julio Gonzalez - Oh, Florida. You just love being horrible, don't you?
Oh, Florida. You just love being horrible, don't you? It's not enough that if you do a Google news search for "Florida man" you end up with...
Hear Me Out
Janet Jackson, Patty Griffin, CHVRCHES, Lana Del Rey
Janet Jackson, Unbreakable With her nipple safely tucked away, Janet Jackson resurrects a bygone bondage-less sound that’s more Good Times than straight...
Editorial Cartoon
Costume Drama
Creep of the Week
Ben Carson
Dear LGBT Community, This is a cease and desist letter regarding the accusation that Ben Carson is a homophobe. Stop such hurtful name calling at once...
The Frivolist
6 Ways to Lessen the Gut-Busting Effects of Your Holiday Binge
It is the season of gratitude and family, indulgence and indigestion. Embrace the former while ditching the latter with these actionable ways to limit...
Deep Inside Hollywood
'King Cobra,' Cheyenne Jackson, Ben Whishaw, 'Dirty Thirty'
King Cobra will bring you porn, murder and James Franco James Franco, in his seemingly never-ending quest to confer gayness upon himself via association...
Editorial Cartoon
Houston, We Have A Problem
Creep of the Week
Kevin Swanson
There are those who are your run of the mill anti-LGBT folks, and then there are the foaming at the mouth, screamin' to the heavens, shoutin' at the devil...
Screen Queen
My Own Private Idaho, Magic Mike 2, The Gift, Spy, Cinderella, Pitch Perfect 2, Aladdin, Rocky Horror Picture Show
My Own Private Idaho Two years before a drug overdose ended River Phoenix’s life in 1993, the dreamboat poeticized a tortured gay street hustler with...
Ten Reasons
Young Gay Men Should Visit Key West
Two of my friends (Noah and Montgomery) approached me a few months ago and were asking my advice on some gay destinations. They are in their early 20s...
Editorial Cartoon
With the Baptismal Water
Creep of the Week
James Dobson
During a recent episode of James Dobson's Family Talk radio program, Dobson and his guests discussed the evils of trans-inclusive anti-discrimination laws...
The Frivolist
14 Swishy Christmas Movies to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright
When the weather outside is frightful, your DVD player is delightful with this fortnight of holiday flicks that appeal to gay and lesbian sensibilities. Home...
The OutField
Chris Burns blazes a new path
Growing up in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Chris Burns’ life revolved around basketball. He’d played it since age 6, and loved the team camaraderie, individuality...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Transparent, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Caitlyn Jenner, 'Disaster!'
Jonesing for Transparent Transparent’s second season is soon upon us, and when it arrives the Emmy-winning show will meet a Tony-winning actor: Cherry...